About Recovery4Women

Helping women heal, inside and out.

This website was created to provide a place to help women get out of pain, explore their life experiences, choices made, triggers remaining, connect, network, learn how to heal emotional, psychological, physical and biochemical dependencies/addictions and the abuse, hurts, PTSD, trauma they’ve experienced.

Our goal is to be a support for women to learn ways to help themselves and their families in their healing and recovery process through education, counseling and coaching, as well as for women to reach out to help other women. We want to provide a safe place to explore, gain hope, support for realistic dreams, and achievement of goals for a better life and a more successful recovery.

We will help to:

  • Educate you about recovery, abuse, emotional, physical and biochemical dependencies/addictions
  • Assist you in developing life skills to cope more effectively with life’s challenges
  • Develop a Life Action/Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Improve your overall emotional and physical health
  • Provide skills to become more assertive, empowered and successful
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Improve parent-child relationships
  • Achieve and maintain recovery
  • Enrich your life and spiritual journey

We don’t believe in one day at a time. A day is a long time. We believe that moment to moment, staying in the now or present, keeps us in recovery.

This is why it was important for us to create Recovery4Women. To help women heal, inside and out!


We look forward to supporting and helping you on your recovery journey – a Journey into Wholeness.

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Can’t sleep? Need to share what you are going through? Anytime of the day or night, our Recovery Café is a place to grab a cup of herbal tea, coffee, juice or water, put your feet up and relax, connect with others, network, check the chat board and share with other women from all over the world.