Addiction Counseling

As a woman, do you feel “lost” in your life or relationship?  Do you feel you don’t “have a voice” and can’t freely express yourself?  Do you have a lot of anger and feel that you express yourself in angry, negative, hurtful ways?  Do you have unresolved, painful issues that you have trouble dealing with?  Are you using “chemicals” – drugs, alcohol, “highs” from frequent shopping or overspending, risky behaviors like sex with strangers or multiple partners, gambling – to deal with the emptiness, fears, emotional or physical pain in your life?

You can decide to stop and change!

Sometimes a specialized counseling is needed to address pain, specific aspects of life, substance abuse and addiction. They are complicated conditions to understand and treat, especially since research has shown that women have different issues to consider than men and flourish faster when in programs that are gender-specific – just for women!

Women worry about their family and who will take care of their children. This is one of the main reasons women do not seek treatment or decide to leave programs early.  Even though they might still be using alcohol or drugs, women may believe that they are being a good parent by staying with their family, or they would be hurting their children by leaving them for treatment.

When women are using in a home with children, they place themselves, and their children at risk of mental/ psychological harm, physical harm, even injury or death. There is distorted thinking that because they are there, that they are able to take good care of children.

But children can be a big responsibility, and stressor, especially for someone who is not caring for themselves.  Can you really take good care of a child when you are concerned about your next drink or “fix”?  Can you be diligent if you are “high”, can’t think clearly, or passed out?  Can your reflexes be fast enough to keep a young child from going outside, getting into harm’s way in traffic, or falling in your or a neighbor’s pool?

Be a better parent – seek help now that can last a lifetime so you can enjoy interacting and making happy memories instead of having your child witness your active addiction, feel abandoned by you or fearful when they can’t wake you, or may feel embarrassed because they can’t bring friends in to play or study.

How we can help …

Recovery4Women is an out-patient program that focuses on recovery from substance abuse and addiction, the addiction process, dysfunctional family dynamics, unresolved issues, healing your “inner child(ren)”, codependency, spirituality, co-occurring disorders, trauma, PTSD, rebuilding self-esteem and confidence, and more.

Addiction counseling is offered in our South Florida center as well as by telephone throughout Florida. Addressing specific factors, we work with you in support of reclaiming your life and health, while establishing your relapse prevention for life plan.

Education about how substance abuse affects your health and life is important to understand before lasting change can occur. We provide a variety of addiction and recovery-related topics for you and your family members in articles, workshops, tele-classes and resources to give you the best opportunity for success in your recovery.

The well-known psychologist, Karl Jung, made a statement that is so fitting for women, “Nothing has a stronger influence on a child than the unlived life of a parent.”  Children and your child-within need a positive example to strive towards. So learn how to be the chemical and drama-free person, parent, spouse, friend, co-worker you were meant to be.  This is a re-do for you. 

Are you ready and willing? 


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Are you ready and willing?

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