Helping women heal, inside and out.

Mental Health & Co-ocurring Issues

Through individual sessions you will work closely with your own female therapist. You will gain knowledge and skills to resolve the past hurts and traumas and heal your inner child, learn how to cope with anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse or PTSD and live more effectively with life on life’s terms and accept yourself to become who you were meant to be.


Relationship/Family Issues

As you start into recovery, family members may begin to act out in various ways to get your attention, to bring you back to the old and comfortable dysfunctional relationship you had while you were using and not your true self. Partners may actually be a hindrance, or toxic, in your recovery.  Enough to cause relapse.  Family and/or relationship sessions can help them understand the importance of your journey and how they can help your progress. You deserve better and couple/family counseling may be invaluable to your recovery success.


Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency

Counseling focusing on recovery from substance abuse and addiction, the addiction process, dysfunctional family dynamics and more is offered in our south Florida center as well as by phone. Addressing specific factors, we work with you in support of reclaiming your life and establishing your relapse prevention for life plan.


Telephone Counseling

For residents of Florida who cannot get to our office, we can work with you by telephone.  There are many reasons people might not be able to get out of their home or travel to see a therapist to work on a variety of issues.  TeleHealth and TeleBehavioral Health are fairly new tools for clinicians to use to assist a segment of many communities to receive the help they need. 

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Support & Tele-Groups

Support groups should not be used in place of individual therapy, but instead be utilized in addition to individual sessions. Many issues will be addressed that are important in life in general, as well as recovery.  We offer you education, information, opportunities to gain skills and resources that will help you develop an awareness of the addiction process, traumatic stress, strategies to get healthy and thrive in chemical-free recovery. Most are convenient to anyone whether at home, office or traveling – by telephone.


Women Warriors/Women Vets

We thank you for the service you gave to your country, and now it is time to help you transition back into non-military life and a “new normal.” Trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, fears, intimacy problems, problems with finances, difficulty communicating, power and control struggles and substance abuse are amongst the challenges that can develop in military women and vets. Join other military and civilian women in reclaiming You!

Workshops/Tele-Classes, 1-3 Day Intensives & Bootcamps

For deeper work on issues and achieving goals, we offer a variety of formats from webinars, tele-classes, and some free classes to 1, 2 or 3 Day Intensives and annual bootcamp. Join other women on their recovery journey with similar interests in gaining the information, strategies, skills and more for healing, personal and professional development.

Home Study Programs & Courses

Work on your healing and recovery goals in the privacy and comfort of your home with our courses. Work towards healing the hurts, valuing and planning for your recovery while gaining the skills needed for greater success through intentional living.

Save Your Seat!

Connect with other women with similar experiences and interests providing support, information, resources and more. Contact us with the name of the support group or event you are interested in attending. Register today!