Support Groups

Helping women heal, inside and out.

Our groups are offered for support, education, skill-building, growth and healing of women in recovery from either chemical dependencies and/or traumatic incidents.  While some are held in our South Florida office, many are conveniently available to woman from anywhere through telephone and webinar.

Groups may vary from time to time and will be listed in our online calendar, our monthly e-newsletter, along with information about our Workshops, Tele-Classes, Intensives, Boot Camps and other Special Events.  



1st & 3rd Tuesday, Noon-1pm – Women Professionals Power Lunch Tele-Group

As women, we lead non-stop, busy lives.  Many of us have difficulty maintaining balance in our work and life. Meet conveniently by telephone twice each month. Strategize, work on personal and professional development, make and achieve goals, balance, and move forward in life and work. This is an ongoing group.

2nd & 4th Tuesday, 12pm-1pm – Women Who Love Too Much Tele-Group

Women interested in this group will learn why this is happening to them. Strategies and new patterns will help women who give more time, energy and love than they receive; whose emotional needs are not being met; who get taken advantage of by others. We meet conveniently from anywhere by telephone for 8 Sessions.

6pm-7pm – Setting Healthy Boundaries 

This tele-group will provide coaching for women who have difficulty setting and maintaining personal (and professional) boundaries. You will gain skills, Learn how to say “No”, strategies and resources to improve your life through having healthy boundaries. We meet by phone from anywhere in the world.   6 Sessions 


12:30-1:30pm – Psychology & Spirit of Money Tele-Group

Is your money mind-set, or negative messages from the past about money, keeping you from being more successful?  Gain skills, strategies, and resources to help you change your old beliefs about money and wealth and establish new behaviors for greater success. Understand how you think about money, having money, how it may be impacting your life and learn how to remove the blocks keeping you from success. Meet conveniently from anywhere by telephone.    5 Sessions


6:30pm-7:30pm – Healing Your Inner Child Support Tele-Group

Learn how your “Inner Child(ren)”developed and how they may have affected your life. Learn strategies to cope more effectively with your traumas, addictions, losses and grief, low self-esteem, anger and fears. Begin to heal the hurts. Join us conveniently from anywhere by telephone.  Meets for 8 Sessions

9pm-10pm – Ladies’ Nite In! Recovery 4 Women Tele-Group

A group for women who are clean and sober for 4 months or longer who want to be more successful in recovery and life. Gain life and recovery skills, boundaries, identify feelings, and resolve old issues. Join other women on this journey to a more significant recovery ~ a Recovery of Self!   Attend from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world by telephone.  Ongoing tele-group.



Join Our Groups

See a group that peaks your interest? Join other women with similar interests in growth, healing and self-discovery. Most are conveniently by phone and/or webinar. Contact us for more info. If ready to join, contact us with Your Name, Email, and the Group or Tele-group Name you are interested in joining and we will send you the registration form.