Webinars & Workshops

Helping women heal, inside and out.

Webinars & Tele-Classes

Enjoy informative, experiential and interactive webinars and tele-classes (workshops convenient from anywhere by telephone) on a variety of topics. Some we will offer include: understanding trauma, understanding loss & grief, anger management, strategies for Intentional Living and Loving, and more. Discussion and questions are always welcomed. Workshops and classes are usually online and by telephone. Class materials are emailed to you prior to the class. We try to keep tuition costs low so classes will be available to as many women as possible. Check our Calendar and e-newsletter for upcoming classes and register quickly to reserve your “seat”.

Free Classes

Join us for an occasional Free one-hour informative Class or Tele-Class (classes convenient from anywhere by telephone) on a variety of topics including: health, wellness, holistic health, meditation, stress management, pain management, coping more effectively, addiction/recovery, relationships, life coaching tips, codependency and many other topics to support your healthy journey.  Class hand-outs and resources will be provided to participants after registration.  Check our online Calendar and e-newsletter for topics and dates.  Reserve your “seat” early.

Home Study Courses

We offer a variety of home study courses to provide you with the opportunity to learn, grow and begin to heal, in the comfort of your own home. Stretch, grow, build a stronger foundation for life, health and recovery. Our Conscious Living through . . . BEing`*’© e-course will help you stretch and challenge old patterns, beliefs, values, while identifying and utilizing your positives and transforming unwanted traits into greater strengths. Develop a deeper spirituality in your daily living. With some of our courses, you can work at your own pace, others may be faster, time-structured for the best outcome for your growth. Think of it as a gentle reminder to complete one section, so the next section can build upon it for a strong foundation for the “new you.” Should you have difficulty with any course, perhaps a coaching session would be helpful to help you focus, get you on track, and be successful attaining your goals.

One-Day or Weekend Intensives

Sometimes people may get to a crisis point and need more intensive work to help stabilize conditions, address immediate issues, provide skills and resources and to move past the crisis.  The following one-day intensives are scheduled for improving relationships, healing your inner child, healing trauma, mothers and daughters and more.  Please reserve your seat as soon as possible by phone or e-mail.

Recovery4Women Boot Camp

We look forward to you joining us for our annual Recovery4Women Boot Camp. Connect with other women on a similar life path, gain and give support, share tips for a successful recovery and more.  We’ve packed lots of information, techniques and strategies for helping to identify issues, healing wounds, and get more firmly into recovery – with intention! Large and small group discussion, written and interactive exercises will help you gain insights into existing patterns and strategies for positive change. Lunch and breaks will give you more time to connect with other women in a little more relaxing environment. Learn more about yourself, identify your limiting patterns and any barriers to success in life and recovery. Gain the skills and mind-set you may not have yet developed that can support your growth and reclaim or redesign your life. The deeper work on your recovery and healing journey will benefit you whether you are currently in therapy, or not. We welcome a call or email from your current therapist to answer any questions they may have.  Check our calendar for details and register early to save your seat.  See you there!

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